Income Tax
Renta 2016

Do you want to win peace of mind leaving your income tax in hands of a real expert?
Do you know that the Tax Authorities have eliminated the drafts?
Do you know who is required to file the Wealth Tax?

From April 5th to June 30th, you can submit the 2016 income tax Declaration and Cànovas 1852 wants to make it easier to you.
We provide our services to give you comfort, time and save money.

Trust in our professional team.

Ask if you are also required to file Wealth Tax.

Solutions for your peace of mind

Do you want to get more yield for your deposits?
Do you want to know what you will receive when you will be retired?
Are you an entrepreneur and you want to make come truth your deams?
Do you want to improve your business results paying less tax?
Do you want to have covered all your legal, tax and labor needs?


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