Tax Services for residents and non-residents
Individual wealth, organisations, small-sized companies to multinationals, are becoming increasingly exposed to new trends in tax regulation, locally and globally. Attitudes to tax are changing and tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before.

To avoid surprise losses related to tax, talk to us at Cànovas 1852. With our specialist skills and deep business knowledge we can advise clients on current tax reforms. Tax planning is best developed in advance, hence our team of professionals can recommend the right course of action. Before customers enter into any business transaction, we will identify any potential tax risks and find ways to mitigate them, in order to help you to find opportunities in the local market and beyond.

Our primary objectives are to provide an efficient and friendly service to our clients.

Cànovas 1852 range of services has evolved over 160 years to meet the changing needs and objectives of our clients.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Some decisions, can make or break your company.  Success in business depends on strategic agility and the ability to execute. Hence adequate information is needed to take timely business decisions, alongside careful analysis and a realistic appreciation of risk.

Cànovas 1852 helps to develop your business strategy, optimize your resources and drive profits to organizational success. We can advise you in order to improve your competitiveness.

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