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About us

Grup Cànovas 1852 offers a range of advisory services to meet the needs of our customers, moving forward to avoid problems, providing all over a peace of mind, security and added value, with a high professionalism, confidence and satisfaction of a job well done.

Our primary objectives are to provide an efficient and friendly service to our clients.

We are proud to give a quality advice and to be a point of reference in its sector.

Grup Cànovas 1852 services & solutions

Group Cànovas offers you different areas of expertise, in order to provide a comprehensive service to meet your needs.

  • Tax expertise
  • Labor solutions
  • Legal advice
  • International
  • Technology solutions
  • Transport solutions
  • Administrative solutions

We want to advise you on...

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Tax expertise for business, residents and non-residents

Know-how, experience and proximity of Grup Cànovas to the tax authorities are the best guarantee for our tax advisory services.

  • Tax Planning
  • Study and presentation of taxes and payments on account
  • Developing of appeals and attention of tax management requirements.
  • Receipt of notifications and requirements
  • Control and monitoring of the enabled e-mail address with the Tax Authorities (DEH)
  • Spanish Bank informative declarations compliances
  • Tax inspections

Business solutions

We provide an integrated consulting and management service, based on specialization, experience and knowledge of your business and group of companies since 1852.

  • Tax planning for individual businesses and group companies
  • Development and presentation of the Annual Financial Statements
  • Preparing the minutes and certificates of approval of the Annual Financial Statements
  • Assistance and follow up the audit process.

Labor solutions

We offer an integral labor consultancy and management service, with the possibility of outsourcing all labor and social security services.

  • Creation of payrolls and processing of social security contributions
  • Hiring, dismissals and management of contracts and agreements
  • Conclusion of employment contracts
  • Legal defence and conciliation proceedings
  • Planning and management of retirements

Legal solutions

With our professionals and resources, we can provide you with comprehensive, complete and satisfactory advice, both in the extra-judicial field and in judicial and arbitration proceedings.

  • Mercantile companies general law
  • Structuring of business groups
  • Developing a family estate inheritance plan
  • Efficient insolvency law
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Penal responsibility of entities
  • Court and arbitration procedures

Foreigners solutions

We dispose a specialized division offering a service for expats in 5 different languages (English, French, Polish, Russian, Arabic)

  • Tax services (for residents and non-residents)
  • Labor services
  • Inbound Assignees special regime
  • NIE obtention
  • Applications of residency permits
  • Dealing with financial entities
  • Administrative management solutions
  • Insurance policies
  • Legal advisement

Technology solutions

IT infrastructure is the key to successful businesses.

  • Digital diagnostics
  • Technological analysis of the present situation.
  • Proposals for technological improvements in the essential areas of your business
  • Lining up IT resources with your business strategy.
  • Legal support for the online activities of your business

Transport solutions

We are highly experienced in the management of vehicles in the industrial sector and in the management of all the administrative procedures necessary for the company.

  • Registration, management and renewal of transport cards and license
  • Vehicles registration
  • EU licences and international transport
  • Advice, management and handling of fines and penalties
  • Extensions, transfer or lease of fleets
  • Transport operators
  • CMR obtention

Business management solutions

We are very experienced in all kinds of dealings with different administrations.

  • Intellectual property and trademarks
  • Business licenses and activity permits
  • Industry, hotels and restaurants legalization.
  • Legalization and management of tourist apartments
  • Special traffic authorisations
  • Waste, sanitary, specific records
  • Foreigners' permits and obtaining NIE (Foreigner's Identity Number)

Grup Cànovas 1852 helps to develop your business strategy, optimize your resources and drive profits to organizational success. We can advise you in order to improve your competitiveness.

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